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John Whetton

John Whetton Profile  b. 1941  Few world-class runners have been able to exploit their physical potential to the extent that John Whetton did in the 1960s. Not as physically gifted as some of his rivals, this British runner nevertheless managed to achieve a competitive record that few ha...

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart Profile b. 15 Jan 1949    A cursory review of Ian Stewart’s running career would suggest that he was a teenage prodigy. He set a UK age-best for 2 Miles at 16 and then Junior European records for 3,000, 2 Miles, 3 Miles and 5,000. And the next year, as a first-year Sen...

Jules Ladoumegue

Jules Ladoumègue Profile 1906-1973 1.71 (5’7”) 59kg (130 lbs)   The famous photo of Ladoumègue showing his fine running form. Not many runners can attract a 300,000 crowd to watch a ceremonial run in a city street. But on a gloomy and foggy ...

Emiel Puttemans

Emiel Puttemans Profile   b. 1947   In the early 1970s Belgian runner Emiel Puttemans was the leading 5,000 runner in the world. During the five-year span from 1971 to 1975, he was the fastest in the world for three of those years and second-fastest once. He set four outd...

Volodalen Training Camp in the 1960s

Volodalen Training Camp in the 1960s     1948 Olympic gold medalist Henry Eriksson trains on the sand of Lake Nulltjärn. As altitude training became increasingly de rigueur in the late 1960s, serious distance runners began to choose the high mountains for the...

Gaston Roelants

Profile: Gaston Roelants   b. February 5, 1937  1.74/5’8  67kg/147lbs   Very few runners have achieved as much success as Gaston Roelants. For 15 years, from 1960 (4th in the Olympics) to 1974 (3rd in the Europeans), this Belgian athlete was at the very to...

Chris Brasher

Chris Brasher Profile   1929-2003 b. Georgetown, British Guyana   Brasher's triumph in Melbourne, 1956. Chris Brasher, the 1956 Olympic Steeplechase champion, is mainly remembered today for establishing and developing the London Marathon. He is also remembered f...

Gunder Hagg's Training

Gunder Hagg’s Training    (Much of the material for this article comes from Gunder Hägg's Dagbok, which was published in Stockholm by Tidens Förlag in 1952. I have also used an article, "Kanske Bättre Kondition än Någon Nånsin" written by Hagg for a ...

Gunder Hagg Profile

Gunder Hägg Profile 1918-2004  Hägg leads. Arne Andersson is close behind. This great Swedish runner set fifteen WRs between 1941 and 1945. He improved the Mile WR by 5.0 seconds, the 1,500 WR by 4.8 seconds, the 3,000 WR by 7.8 seconds and the 5,000 WR by 1...

Maurice Herriott

Maurice Herriott Profile  b. 1939    While many of his international rivals were being financially supported by their countries, 1964 Olympic Steeplechase silver-medalist Maurice Herriott had to work a 45-hour week on a factory production line. Nevertheless, he manage...


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