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Brian Hewson

BRIAN HEWSON: PROFILE b. 1933    This highly talented English runner emerged in the early 1950s as a world-class 880-Mile runner. Throughout his running career, which ended in 1960, he worked full-time. Nevertheless, he won 17 national titles, a European title and two silver Empire ...

Rudolf Harbig

PROFILE: RUDOLF HARBIG 1913-1944     Remembered mainly for his 400 and 800 world records in 1939, Rudolf Harbig was also a great competitor who could produce his best performances on the big occasions. Noted for his strength of character, this German steelwright was an asc...

Arne Andersson

PROFILE: ARNE ANDERSSON 1917-2009 b. Trollhätten, Sweden.  70kg/154lbs     5’10”/1.78   Andersson in his typical position behind Gunder Hägg. Note his muscular physique--unusual for a runner. It was a great honour for t...

Murray Halberg

MURRAY HALBERG: Profile b. 1933   Playing rugby as a 17-year-old, New Zealand runner Murray Halberg injured his left shoulder in a tackle; his left arm was paralysed. Contact sports were now out of the question, but he was still able to run, holding his limp left arm “tucked up, pumpin...

Jim Peters

JIM PETERS: PROFILE 1918-1999   Jim Peters was one of the greatest marathon runners.  His domination in marathon running in the early 1950s is often overlooked because his dramatic collapse near the end of the 1954 Empire Games marathon in Vancouver is so well documented. From his first...

Gordon Pirie

GORDON PIRIE PROFILE 1931-1991   Gordon Pirie’s serious running career began when, as a 17-year-old, he witnessed Zatopek’s 1948 Olympic performances:  “My imagination was set on fire and my consuming ambition was born. I instantly recognized him as the embodiment of a...

Iharos,Rozsavolgyi and Tabori: The Hungarian Trio

IHAROS, ROZSAVOLGYI, TABORI: PROFILE:  THE HUNGARIAN TRIO     Mihaly Igloi: the coachbehind the Hungariansuccesses in the 1950s.  In 1955, the year before the Melbourne Olympics, Hungarian runners shocked the world with a slate of nine world records from 1,5...

John Landy Profile

John Landy Profile   b. 1930 The second man to break the four-minute-mile barrier, Australian John Landy is universally respected as one of the great runners of the twentieth century.  His dignity, sportsmanship and courage are beyond dispute. However, he will always be seen as the ...

Franz Stampfl

PROFILE:  FRANZ STAMPFL 1913-1995   Austrian-born Franz Stampfl was one of the leading coaches of the 1950s and 1960s. He developed his own interval-training system from Gerschler’s pioneering work. Stampfl’s system was used effectively by Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher in...

Mihaly Igloi

PROFILE: MIHALY IGLOI   1908-1998    This celebrated Hungarian coach started his track career as a pole vaulter before becoming a successful 1500 runner.  He had several Hungarian titles to his name and competed in the 1936 Olympic 1,500. Furthermore, he was a member of the Hu...


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