About John Cobley

I ran regularly for 44 years and competed for the first ten of them. Running became a passion at school. When 15, I joined Brighton Athletic Club in 1958. I was an average club runner; my highest running achievement was winning the Sussex 6-Mile title in 1966. I ran with Brighton AC for ten years until I was awarded a track scholarship at Brigham Young University in Utah, USA. In 1969, when my track scholarship was lost because of a new NCAA age rule, I continued to run for pleasure. It was then that my interest in journalism began. After moving permanently to Western Canada in 1972, I continued to run and write. In 1987, after publishing in various running magazines around the world, I was appointed Editor of the BC Athletics bi-monthly magazine, a job that lasted 13 years. The final step in my track journalism career was to publish a collection of my interviews: Winning Canadian Runners. I was able to enjoy running until almost my 60th birthday, when injuries became too frequent. Now retired from work and living in Sidney BC, I am enjoying researching the history of competitive running--as well as reading, listening to jazz and classical music, and translating Russian poetry. I also walk my young golden retriever  Maggs four times a day.