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Peter Snell

Profile: Peter Snell     b. 1938   Few runners have made such a dramatic impact on the international scene. Peter Snell stunned the running world in 1960 when he won the Olympic 800. He had been lucky to have made the New Zealand team in the first place, and then to have got throug...

Murray Halberg

MURRAY HALBERG: Profile b. 1933   Playing rugby as a 17-year-old, New Zealand runner Murray Halberg injured his left shoulder in a tackle; his left arm was paralysed. Contact sports were now out of the question, but he was still able to run, holding his limp left arm “tucked up, pumpin...

1962 Commonwealth Games
Major Games

1962 BRITISH EMPIRE AND COMMONWEALTH GAMES   Perth, Western Australia November 22-December 1    880 This was a highlight race featuring two great rivals: Peter Snell of New Zealand and George Kerr of Jamaica.  Although Snell had won six out of their seven enco...

1962 European Championships
Major Games

1962 European Championships    Belgrade, Yugoslavia, September 12-16   800 Ranked third and second in the world in 1960 and 1961, Paul Schmidt (31) of Germany was the 800 favorite. And he had looked good in winning his semi-final. His compatriot Manfred Matuschewski ...

Ron Clarke

Profile: Ron Clarke 1937-2015   One of the great distance runners of the 20th century, this Australian broke new ground in the longer track races, just as Emil Zatopek had done 15 years earlier. Comparisons across different eras are difficult, but some statistics are illuminating. Clarke red...

1960 Olympic Games
Major Games

1960 Olympic Games Rome, August 25-September 11   800  Roger Moens (30), a very experienced runner with a great competitive record, was the co-favorite with Paul Schmidt, who had been fastest over 800 in 1959 (1:46.2). George Kerr (22) of Jamaica, a talented newcomer, was also fancied....

Michel Jazy Profile

PROFILE: MICHEL JAZY b. 1936 Michel Jazy was one of the great runners of the 1960s and one of the most elegant. He possessed a lethal kick that at times looked unanswerable. His elegance and competitive success made him a celebrity in France. His best distance was 3,000 or 2 miles; for winning Oly...

Jazy v Norpoth v Schul v Dellinger (5,000, 1964)
Great Races

Jazy v Norpoth v Schul v Dellinger 5,000  1964 OLYMPIC GAMES, TOKYO Great Races #16    The last bend. Jazy leads Norpoth, Schul, Baillie and Keino Several runners lined up with realistic hopes of gold. Frenchman Michel Jazy, moving up from 1,500, hoped to i...

Dave Power

Dave Power: Profile 1928-2014 One of the greatest Australian runners between 1958 and 1962, Dave Power was overshadowed by the world records and gold medals of Herb Elliott and Murray Halberg. Power never set a world record, but his competitive record in major games has rarely been matched: two go...

Elliott v Jazy v Roszavolgyi (1,500, 1960)
Great Races

Elliott v Jazy v Rozsavolgyi 1,500, Olympic Games 1960, Rome Great Races # 13   This race had a clear favorite: Australian Herb Elliott. His stunning Mile and 1,500 WRs in 1958 had shocked the world. The only concern was his lack of top-class competition immediately before the Games. Still,...


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