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Hill v Johnston v Alder v Roelants v Turner (1970)
Great Races

GREAT RACES #20  30,000 Crystal Palace, September 5, 1970  A lot of international runners were still in top form after the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, and they were looking for races. On September 5, Coca Cola sponsored an international meeting at the relatively new Crystal Pal...

1970 Commonwealth Games
Major Games

1970 Commonwealth Games Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 17-25   There were two big changes from the previous 1966 Games in Jamaica. First, the distances were metric for first time. Second, the track was a synthetic all-weather track. No more cinders!  800 Olympic Champio...

Clarke v Keino v Stewart v McCafferty v Rushmer
Great Races

Clarke v Keino v Stewart v McCafferty v Rushmer 5,000, Commonwealth Games, 1970 Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland  Great Races # 22    Prospects  This 5,000 race had all the qualities of a Great Race. It took place in a major games, it fielded some of the world’...

1971 European Championships
Major Games

1971 European Championships August 10-15 Helsinki, Finland   The Finnish people had waited a long time for another Paavo Nurmi to raise their patriotic spirits. The flamboyant 5,000/10,000 double of Juha Vaatainen was thus hugely appreciated, especially since the location was the Finnish cap...

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart Profile b. 15 Jan 1949    A cursory review of Ian Stewart’s running career would suggest that he was a teenage prodigy. He set a UK age-best for 2 Miles at 16 and then Junior European records for 3,000, 2 Miles, 3 Miles and 5,000. And the next year, as a first-year Sen...

Emiel Puttemans

Emiel Puttemans Profile   b. 1947   In the early 1970s Belgian runner Emiel Puttemans was the leading 5,000 runner in the world. During the five-year span from 1971 to 1975, he was the fastest in the world for three of those years and second-fastest once. He set four outd...

Great Races #23: The 1975 Miracle Mile
Great Races

Bayi v Liquori v Coghlan 1975 Dream Mile International Freedom Games Kingston, Jamaica. May 17, 1975 Great Races #23   Kingston, the venue for the 1975 Freedom Games, produced a capacity 36,000 crowd to see not only a version of the Dream Mile but also a sprint contest between Steve Willi...

Eamonn Coghlan Profile

Eamonn Coghlan Profile    b. Nov 21, 1952   Eamonn Coghlan: Claus Andersen's fine portrait. When he was 19, Eamonn Coghlan almost threw away his big chance to become an international runner. The previous year he had accepted an athletic scholarship from Villanova...

Marty Liquori Profile

Marty Liquori Profile  b. September 11/1949     Marty Liquori in full flight, still viewable on the Internet, has to be one of the finest sights in competitive running. He appeared on the running scene in 1967 as the third American high-schooler to break the 4-minute m...

Anders Garderud Profile

Anders Gärderud Profile b. Aug. 28, 1946 6’1” (1.86 m)  154 lbs (70 kg)   The story of Anders Gärderud is a story of promise fulfilled. It’s also a story of setbacks and of the need for a radical reassessment of a running career. Gärderud ...


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