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Emil Zatopek

PROFILE: EMIL ZATOPEK  1922-2000          The word legendary is overused in journalism, but it is surely an appropriate adjective to describe this great Czech runner. It would also be appropriate to say that he was universally admired and respected. Going to see him ...

Derek Ibbotson

PROFILE: DEREK IBBOTSON b. 1932    Huddersfield-born Derek Ibbotson personifies Yorkshire grit. Not blessed with the basic talent of some of his rivals, he more than made up for this with his determination and courage.  I have an enduring vision of him training with Alan Simpson at ...

Ron Clarke

Profile: Ron Clarke 1937-2015   One of the great distance runners of the 20th century, this Australian broke new ground in the longer track races, just as Emil Zatopek had done 15 years earlier. Comparisons across different eras are difficult, but some statistics are illuminating. Clarke red...

Michel Jazy Profile

PROFILE: MICHEL JAZY b. 1936 Michel Jazy was one of the great runners of the 1960s and one of the most elegant. He possessed a lethal kick that at times looked unanswerable. His elegance and competitive success made him a celebrity in France. His best distance was 3,000 or 2 miles; for winning Oly...

Dave Power

Dave Power: Profile 1928-2014 One of the greatest Australian runners between 1958 and 1962, Dave Power was overshadowed by the world records and gold medals of Herb Elliott and Murray Halberg. Power never set a world record, but his competitive record in major games has rarely been matched: two go...

Chepkwony, Anentia and Maiyoro: The First Kenyan Runners

Chepkwony, Anentia and Maiyoro: The First Kenyan Runners   Kenyan runners first appeared on the international running scene in the mid-1950s. Since Kenya was at that time a British colony, it was natural that these Kenyan runners initially competed in Britain and in the Empire Games. Laz...

Kip Keino

Profile: Kipchoge Keino b. 1940     Kipchoge Keino was not the first Kenyan to win a medal in an Empire Games nor the first to win an Olympic medal, but he was the first Kenyan to have a major impact on the international running  scene and the first Kenyan to break world records. F...

Frank Sando

Profile: Frank Sando 1931-2012     In the 1950s Frank Sando was the premier cross-country runner in the world. No other runner came close to his record in the International Cross-Country Championships (the forerunner of the World Championships). Between 1952 and 1960, thi...

Basil Heatley

PROFILE:  BASIL HEATLEY   b. 1933   From 1948 through to the 1960s, English runner Basil Heatley improved steadily, winning countless titles on the road, track and country. Among his most notable achievements were a World-Record 10 Miles, an International Cross-Country title and th...

Max Truex

Profile: Max Truex 1935-1991   Max Truex was the precursor of the successful modern American tradition in distance track running. His sixth place in the 1960 Olympic 10,000 opened the door for American distance runners in the next Olympics, where they surprised the world by winning golds in ...


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