Welcome to Racing Past, a non-profit website dedicated to the history of competitive running.


Due to various issues, I have not been adding much to this site over the past months. In fact, I have profiled almost all the runners that I plan to cover. My original intention was to pay homage to all the world-class runners I admired--from the early days to the 1970s. There are still a few I would like to do.


You will find a new review: Len Johnson's fine book The Landy Era. I consider it an essential book for the history of competitive running.


I'd like to draw your attention to a fine new book that was published late in 2016: His Own Man: The Biography of Otto Peltzer by Tim Johnston and Donald Macgregor


Recently I have been busy setting up another website--coppice-gate.com, which deals with the arts.



John Cobley, February 2, 2017