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Glenn Cunningham

Glenn Cunningham Profile 1909-1988           Leading the 1,500 final in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.    The life of 1930’s American miler Glen Cunningham has now become part of American folklore. It is the story of a young Kansas ...

Eamonn Coghlan Profile

Eamonn Coghlan Profile    b. Nov 21, 1952   Eamonn Coghlan: Claus Andersen's fine portrait. When he was 19, Eamonn Coghlan almost threw away his big chance to become an international runner. The previous year he had accepted an athletic scholarship from Villanova...

Marty Liquori Profile

Marty Liquori Profile  b. September 11/1949     Marty Liquori in full flight, still viewable on the Internet, has to be one of the finest sights in competitive running. He appeared on the running scene in 1967 as the third American high-schooler to break the 4-minute m...

Bodo Tummler

Bodo Tümmler Profile b. December 8, 1943         In 1965 West German Bodo Tümmler burst dramatically on to the 1,500 European scene that had been dominated by Michel Jazy, Siegfried Valentin and Witold Baran. His European Cup victory and his fast 3:...

Otto Peltzer Profile

Otto Pelzer Profile   1900-1970 6ft 1/186cm  159lbs/72kg     Peltzer was a fierce and successful competitor, but he is now mainly remembered for his 800, 1,000 and 1,500 world records. His 1:51.6 broke James Meredith’s 14-year-old 800 record by 0.3 of a s...

Anders Garderud Profile

Anders Gärderud Profile b. Aug. 28, 1946 6’1” (1.86 m)  154 lbs (70 kg)   The story of Anders Gärderud is a story of promise fulfilled. It’s also a story of setbacks and of the need for a radical reassessment of a running career. Gärderud ...

Kerry O'Brien Profile

Kerry O’Brien Profile b. 17 April 1946  1.80 68kg   Kerry O'Brien sets an indoor world record for Two Miles with 8:19.6. “Slow down! Slow down!” This can often be good advice—but surely not when you’re a champion runner like Kerry O&...

Sydney Wooderson: New Profile

Sydney Wooderson New Profile   1914-2006    One of the great all-time British runners, Sydney Wooderson would surely be even more celebrated today had he been able to compete fully fit in an Olympic Games. Unluckily, in the only Games he qualified for, the 1936 ...

David Moorcroft: Profile

DAVID MOORCROFT PROFILE    born 1953    David Moorcroft with his wife Linda and his coach John Anderson His brilliant and stunning 5,000 world record in 1982, which knocked 5.79 seconds off the previous mark, has obscured David Moorcroft’s fi...

Dick Quax Profile

Dick Quax Profile  Born 1948.  6’0” (183 cm), 140-143lbs (65-66 kg)   Dick Quax is an important member of the New Zealand distance-running pantheon. He stands as an equal alongside the likes of Lovelock, Halberg, Baillie, Magee, Snell, Davies, Walker and...


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