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Gaston Roelants

Profile: Gaston Roelants   b. February 5, 1937  1.74/5’8  67kg/147lbs   Very few runners have achieved as much success as Gaston Roelants. For 15 years, from 1960 (4th in the Olympics) to 1974 (3rd in the Europeans), this Belgian athlete was at the very to...

Mills v Clarke v Gammoudi (1964)
Great Races

Mills v Clarke v Gammoudi Great Races #16 10,000, Tokyo Olympic Games, 1964   This race was billed by Track & Field News as “the greatest 10,00 meters of all time.” There was a large field of 38 starters. Even more had entered, and there was a strong lobby to schedule h...

Maurice Herriott

Maurice Herriott Profile  b. 1939    While many of his international rivals were being financially supported by their countries, 1964 Olympic Steeplechase silver-medalist Maurice Herriott had to work a 45-hour week on a factory production line. Nevertheless, he manage...

Bodo Tummler

Bodo Tümmler Profile b. December 8, 1943         In 1965 West German Bodo Tümmler burst dramatically on to the 1,500 European scene that had been dominated by Michel Jazy, Siegfried Valentin and Witold Baran. His European Cup victory and his fast 3:...

Kemper v Boulter v Tummler v Carter v Matuschewski: Great Races #25
Great Races

  Kemper v Boulter v Tümmler v Carter v Matuschewski  Great Races #25 European 800 September 4, 1966  Budapest                   Entering the final straight: Carter, Esteban, Tümmler, Carroll,Boulter, Matusch...

Kerry O'Brien Profile

Kerry O’Brien Profile b. 17 April 1946  1.80 68kg   Kerry O'Brien sets an indoor world record for Two Miles with 8:19.6. “Slow down! Slow down!” This can often be good advice—but surely not when you’re a champion runner like Kerry O&...

Tom Farrell Profile

Tom Farrell Profile   b. January 18, 1944 5’7”/1.70, 140lbs/63.5kg     Tom Farrell testifies to the Senate Commerce Committee in 1965. When American 800-runnerTom Farrell arrived at Mexico City for the 1968 Olympics, he believed he ...

Bruce Tulloh Profile

Bruce Tulloh Profile   b. 29 September 1935 5’7”/1.71; 119lbs/54kg   Bruce Tulloh became a world-class runner in the 1960s, despite having limited natural talent. When in 1955 he returned home to England from his military service in Hong Kong, he was l...

Jean Wadoux Profile

Jean Wadoux Profile  b. 29 January 1942    Jean Wadoux "Regard clair et aigu" Michel Jazy Frenchman Jean Wadoux emerged in the 1960s as one of the world’s finest middle-distance runners. He was a worthy successor to Michel Jazy, in whose shadow his ear...

Gerry Lindgren Profile

Gerry Lindgren Profile  b. 9 March 1946   Few runners have appeared on the distance-running scene as dramatically as American Gerry Lindgren. In 1964 while still a schoolboy, he emerged from a remote area of Washington State near the Canadian border to run a series of worl...


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