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Keino v. Tummler v Ryun v Norpoth v Whetton (1968)
Great Races

Keino v Ryun v Tummler v Norpoth v Whetton   1,500 Olympic Final October 20, 1968, Mexico City Great Races # 21   Pre-Race  This Olympic final saw a confrontation between the two fastest milers ever. And both had question marks against their current form. WR-holder Jim Ryun...

Ron Hill: Part One

Ron Hill Profile: Part One b. Sept 25, 1938    (This is by far the longest profile I have written. I have tried to keep it brief, but there is so much material to cover. Much of the information here comes from Ron Hill’s wonderful autobiography The Long Hard Road, Part One and Part...

Ron Hill: Part Two

Ron Hill Profile: Part Two   b. Sept 25, 1938       1969: Hill (2) wins 10,000 against USA. Ron Hill’s seventh place in the 1968 Olympic 10,000 final was his first good performance in a major games. After disappointments in the 1962 Euros, t...

Alan Simpson

Profile:  Alan Simpson b. 1940   Alan Simpson was one of the most successful 1,500 runners during the 1960s. In his prime this fierce competitor rarely lost a race. He had an amazingly successful record in the two-a-side international competitions that were very popular at that time, wi...

Ralph Doubell

RALPH DOUBELL PROFILE   b. 1945    Perfection is an overused word, but few would disagree that on October 15, 1968, Ralph Doubell achieved perfection in Mexico City. The 23-year-old Australian not only ran a tactically perfect 800 race but also won an Olympic gold medal in a world-...

Harald Norpoth

Profile:  Harald Norpoth   b. 1942  Beginnings   Between 1964 and 1973, Harald Norpoth was a dominant force in international middle-distance running. Combining stamina with a punishing finishing kick, he won more than three-quarters of his outdoor track races. Alt...

1969 European Championships
Major Games

1969 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ATHENS, SEPTEMBER 16-20   Cold-War politics led to a boycott by the West German team for this major championships. The issue was the eligibility of the fastest 5,000 runner entered: Jurgen May. May had defected from East Germany to West Germany two years and three...

The Cold War Track Series

The Cold War Track Series 1958-1965   At the height of the cold war, the USA and USSR engaged in a series of dual track meets that saw some of the most intense competition in the whole history of the sport. Sports Illustrated came to regard this almost annual meet as “The most important...

John Whetton

John Whetton Profile  b. 1941  Few world-class runners have been able to exploit their physical potential to the extent that John Whetton did in the 1960s. Not as physically gifted as some of his rivals, this British runner nevertheless managed to achieve a competitive record that few ha...

Volodalen Training Camp in the 1960s

Volodalen Training Camp in the 1960s     1948 Olympic gold medalist Henry Eriksson trains on the sand of Lake Nulltjärn. As altitude training became increasingly de rigueur in the late 1960s, serious distance runners began to choose the high mountains for the...


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