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David Moorcroft: Profile

DAVID MOORCROFT PROFILE    born 1953    David Moorcroft with his wife Linda and his coach John Anderson His brilliant and stunning 5,000 world record in 1982, which knocked 5.79 seconds off the previous mark, has obscured David Moorcroft’s fi...

Dick Quax Profile

Dick Quax Profile  Born 1948.  6’0” (183 cm), 140-143lbs (65-66 kg)   Dick Quax is an important member of the New Zealand distance-running pantheon. He stands as an equal alongside the likes of Lovelock, Halberg, Baillie, Magee, Snell, Davies, Walker and...

Lasse Viren Profile

Lasse Viren Profile  b. July 22, 1949   This great Finnish runner will not be remembered for his three world records. Rather, his name will always be associated with the four Olympic gold medals he won at two consecutive games in the 5,000 and 10,000. Lasse Viren’s wins in Muni...


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