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Frank Sando

Profile: Frank Sando 1931-2012     In the 1950s Frank Sando was the premier cross-country runner in the world. No other runner came close to his record in the International Cross-Country Championships (the forerunner of the World Championships). Between 1952 and 1960, thi...

Max Truex

Profile: Max Truex 1935-1991   Max Truex was the precursor of the successful modern American tradition in distance track running. His sixth place in the 1960 Olympic 10,000 opened the door for American distance runners in the next Olympics, where they surprised the world by winning golds in ...

Albie Thomas

Albie Thomas:  Profile  1935-2013 When 21-year-old Albie Thomas of Australia burst on to the international scene with  a fifth place in the 1956 Olympic 5,000, coach Percy Cerutty considered him the “best runner, technically speaking, in the world today.” (...

Stan Eldon

Stan Eldon Profile  b.  1936      The British distance-running scene was already at a pinnacle in the mid 1950s, with such stars as Pirie, Chataway, Ibbotson and Sando. So when Stan Eldon suddenly appeared on the scene in 1958, it was quite a surprise to see ...

Chris Brasher

Chris Brasher Profile   1929-2003 b. Georgetown, British Guyana   Brasher's triumph in Melbourne, 1956. Chris Brasher, the 1956 Olympic Steeplechase champion, is mainly remembered today for establishing and developing the London Marathon. He is also remembered f...

Horace Ashenfelter Profile

HORACE ASHENFELTER: PROFILE   b. 1923  5’10”/1.78m  128lbs/58kg                  Horace Ashenfelter’s 1952 Olympic win in the 3,000 Steeplechase is widely regarded as one of the biggest upsets in Ol...

Ronnie Delany Profile

Ronnie Delany Profile   b. 1935       Irishman Ron Delany’s development from a 17-year-old 2:04 half –miler to a 21-year-old Olympic 1,500 champion can justly be called meteoric. Of course, he had natural ability, but there were other ingredie...

Wes Santee Profile

Wes Santee Profile  1932-2010 6-0.5 (185cm)  150 lbs (68 kg)    With Mile times of 4:01.3, 4:00.6, 4:00.7, 4:00.5 and 4:01.3, Wes Santee came so close to breaking the four-minute Mile. He had been hoping to be the first to break this tantalizing barrier. Then af...


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