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Great Races #23: The 1975 Miracle Mile
Great Races

Bayi v Liquori v Coghlan 1975 Dream Mile International Freedom Games Kingston, Jamaica. May 17, 1975 Great Races #23   Kingston, the venue for the 1975 Freedom Games, produced a capacity 36,000 crowd to see not only a version of the Dream Mile but also a sprint contest between Steve Willi...

Mills v Clarke v Gammoudi (1964)
Great Races

Mills v Clarke v Gammoudi Great Races #16 10,000, Tokyo Olympic Games, 1964   This race was billed by Track & Field News as “the greatest 10,00 meters of all time.” There was a large field of 38 starters. Even more had entered, and there was a strong lobby to schedule h...

Peltzer v Lowe: Great Races #26
Great Races

Peltzer v Lowe: Great Races #26  880  AAA British Championships, July 3, 1926   Otto Peltzer, the first German to compete in Britain after World War 1.     With the First World War only eight years in the past, it was quite a talking point w...

Kemper v Boulter v Tummler v Carter v Matuschewski: Great Races #25
Great Races

  Kemper v Boulter v Tümmler v Carter v Matuschewski  Great Races #25 European 800 September 4, 1966  Budapest                   Entering the final straight: Carter, Esteban, Tümmler, Carroll,Boulter, Matusch...


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