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Chataway v Kuts (1954)
Great Races

Chataway v Kuts  5,000: KUTS V. CHATAWAY LONDON, 13 OCTOBER 1954 Great Races # 10   This famous 5,000 race took place during an international meet between London and Moscow at the White City Stadium in London. It was the first visit by a Russian team since 1878. These were the days be...

Pirie v Kuts (10,000, 1956)
Great Races

Pirie v Kuts Olympic 10,000, Melbourne, 1956 Great Races # 11    This epic 1956 distance race featured a classic struggle between a front runner and a fast finisher. Although the race was an Olympic final, there were only two runners in contention almost from the gun. Vladimir Kuts and...

Jazy v Norpoth v Schul v Dellinger (5,000, 1964)
Great Races

Jazy v Norpoth v Schul v Dellinger 5,000  1964 OLYMPIC GAMES, TOKYO Great Races #16    The last bend. Jazy leads Norpoth, Schul, Baillie and Keino Several runners lined up with realistic hopes of gold. Frenchman Michel Jazy, moving up from 1,500, hoped to i...

Elliott v Jazy v Roszavolgyi (1,500, 1960)
Great Races

Elliott v Jazy v Rozsavolgyi 1,500, Olympic Games 1960, Rome Great Races # 13   This race had a clear favorite: Australian Herb Elliott. His stunning Mile and 1,500 WRs in 1958 had shocked the world. The only concern was his lack of top-class competition immediately before the Games. Still,...

Halberg v Grodotzki v Zimny (5,000, 1960)
Great Races

Halberg v Grodotzki v Zimny 1960 Olympic Games  5,000 Rome Great Races #14   If Elliott’s victory in the 1,500 was the most dominant track performance of the Rome Olympics, Murray Halberg’s was the most courageous. To inject a 61.1 tenth lap in a 5,000 meant that he had exp...

Bolotnikov v Tulloh v Zimny (5,000, 1962)
Great Races

Bolotnikov v Tulloh v Zimny 5,000 European Championships 1962 Great Races #15   Following his convincing 10,000 win, Russian Pyotr Bolotnikov (See Profile) looked a good bet for this race too. But his heat for this final was held only 24 hours after his 10,000 final. Further, he was forced ...

Snell v Tulloh v Thomas
Great Races

Snell v Tulloh v Thomas Mile, Wanganui, New Zealand January 27, 1962 Great Races # 19   Early in 1962 a small coastal town in New Zealand hit the headlines across the world. Wanganui was the site of an unexpected Mile world record by Peter Snell, the current 800 Olympic champion. He had ne...

Hill v Johnston v Alder v Roelants v Turner (1970)
Great Races

GREAT RACES #20  30,000 Crystal Palace, September 5, 1970  A lot of international runners were still in top form after the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, and they were looking for races. On September 5, Coca Cola sponsored an international meeting at the relatively new Crystal Pal...

Keino v. Tummler v Ryun v Norpoth v Whetton (1968)
Great Races

Keino v Ryun v Tummler v Norpoth v Whetton   1,500 Olympic Final October 20, 1968, Mexico City Great Races # 21   Pre-Race  This Olympic final saw a confrontation between the two fastest milers ever. And both had question marks against their current form. WR-holder Jim Ryun...

Clarke v Keino v Stewart v McCafferty v Rushmer
Great Races

Clarke v Keino v Stewart v McCafferty v Rushmer 5,000, Commonwealth Games, 1970 Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland  Great Races # 22    Prospects  This 5,000 race had all the qualities of a Great Race. It took place in a major games, it fielded some of the world’...


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